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We offer direct billing!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Let us submit your insurance claim using eClaims or ProviderConnect. You may not have to pay out of pocket for what’s covered by your insurance.

Are your services covered by OHIP?

Chiropody services in Ontario are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) [1]. However, these services may be covered by extended health care plans, third-party insurance providers, Veterans’ Affairs and can be used for income tax deductions. This post will delve further into direct billing with third-party insurance providers [1].

How Do I Find Out If I Have Coverage for Chiropody/Podiatry Services?

Because each policy and insurance company varies on a case-by-case basis, it is important to check your coverage and their policy regarding direct billing. To verify your coverage you can review your plan by contacting your provider or your human resources department, checking the appropriate applications, or consulting your benefits booklet. You can usually find information about Chiropody coverage under the headings "Paramedical Services" or "Orthopaedic Equipment".

We can submit direct billing for the following insurers:

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Benefit Plan Administrators

  • Canada life ( including Great-West Life, London Life, and Canada Life)

  • Canadian Construction Workers Union

  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance


  • ClaimSecure

  • Coughlin & Associates Ltd.

  • Cowan

  • D.A. Townley

  • Desjardins Insurance

  • First Canadian

  • Green Shield Canada

  • GroupHEALTH

  • GroupSource

  • Johnson Group Inc.

  • La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services

  • LiUNA Local 183

  • LiUNA Local 506

  • Manion

  • Maximum Benefit

  • MÉDIC Construction

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators

  • SSQ Insurance

  • TELUS AdjudiCare

  • Union Benefits

  • UV Insurance

In general, direct billing is not available for orthotics and orthopedic shoes. In this case, we provide you with the necessary documentation for your claim submission. The documentation includes a prescription, detailed information on the raw materials used to make the devices, an invoice, and the results of the biomechanical exam.

Direct Billing at Qureshy Footcare Clinic

Once you understand your coverage, you will be one step closer to receiving quality footcare from our Chiropodist. If you find out that your insurance provider does direct billing with chiropodists, be sure to bring your insurance card, fill out the insurance section of our Intake form (which is sent via email before your first appointment), or provide us with your policy number ( also referred to as a group or contract number) and certificate number (also known as a member or identification number). You will also be required to sign an electronic transmission authorization and consent form. With the insurance information and the consent form, we will be able to submit claims for direct billing.

Upfront Payment at Qureshy Footcare Clinic

On the other hand, if you determine that your insurer does not accept direct billing, we will provide you with the invoice and the necessary documentation so that you can be reimbursed by your insurer.

If you have any questions, comments, or if you would like to book an appointment, please contact us via phone at (905)723-3668, via email at, or via our website at


Author: Fatima Bah


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