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Cold Laser Therapy

Apollo Laser System

Cold laser therapy is an effective medical treatment used to restore function in the feet and ankles. It uses low-intensity laser lights to promote healing of injured and inflamed tissue. Lasers can be used for a wide range of foot- and ankle-related problems, including both acute and chronic conditions.

At Qureshy Footcare Clinic, we use a class IV Apollo Laser system. This state-of-the art laser system is designed to provide precise and effective delivery of laser energy, even in small treatment areas. The laser is directed at the targeted area and transfers energy to your body’s cells through light pulses. Once the body absorbs the light, it undergoes bio-stimulating effects which decreases pain and inflammation, promoting regeneration and healing.  The laser also stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural hormones that aid in pain relief. The laser is non-thermal, so there is no risk of tissue damage, it is painless with little to no side effects.

Many patients experience lasting relief after only a couple of treatments. The number of treatments required may vary depending on the acuity of the condition. Many studies have demonstrated cold laser therapy to be the easiest and effective method of pain relief for damaged tissue.

Conditions that can be treated with Cold Laser Therapy

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