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Fungal Nail Treatment in Oshawa

Fungal Toe Nail

Toenail fungus is a common condition caused by various factors, including poor hygiene, wearing tight shoes, and certain medical conditions. It can cause your nails to become discoloured, thickened, and brittle, making them difficult to manage.

At Qureshy Foot & Orthotic Clinic, we offer fungal nail treatments and advice to help heal your toenails. Our fungal nail treatments in Oshawa target the underlying cause of your condition so that you can enjoy healthy nails once again. If you notice discoloured toenails, contact us today to schedule your fungal toenail treatment in Oshawa.

What Causes Nail Fungus?

Fungal nails are caused by a fungal infection that affects the nail bed. It can spread through contact with infected nails or surfaces that have come into contact with the fungus. Certain factors can increase your risk of nail fungus, including diabetes, a weakened immune system, and poor circulation.

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Preventing Toenail Fungus

There are several ways to prevent fungal infections from occurring. It's essential to keep your feet clean and dry, avoid walking barefoot in public areas, wear breathable shoes, and change your socks daily. You should also trim your nails regularly, avoid sharing nail clippers, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system. If you think you have toenail fungus, it's essential to seek treatment to prevent the infection from spreading.

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Symptoms of toenail fungus can include thickened nails, discoloration, brittle nails, and a foul odour. You may also experience discomfort or pain when wearing shoes or walking. If you are experiencing any symptoms, our fungal nail treatment in Oshawa can provide relief.

How Our Nail Fungal Treatment Works

Step 1: Let's Begin

We'll start by assessing your condition and determining the best treatment option. We'll also get to know your medical history and needs. First treatment will be provided at this appointment.

Step 2: Treating Your Nails

Our treatments can include topicals, anti-fungal medications and debridement.

Step 3: Restore Your Toenails

As your nails begin to heal, we will track your progress and adjust your treatment so you can enjoy healthy, beautiful nails again. Contact us today to begin nail fungal treatment. 

How Much Do Our Nail Fungal Treatments Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on your needs. However, costs are usually minimal and often covered by extended health care insurance.

Heal Your Toenails Today

If you have a persistent fungal infection, don't wait. Contact us today for safe and effective nail fungal treatments at our foot care clinic in Oshawa.

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