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Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toe Nail

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Onychocryptosis (ingrown nail) occurs when a nail spike pierces the skin. The affected nail fold becomes red, shiny, painful and swollen. It is often caused by improper nail cutting, inherited involuted shape of nail, trauma caused by aggressive pedicures, nail picking, tight footwear or your biomechanics.


Ingrown toenails can become infected; it is important to treat the condition promptly with sterile instruments. Our primary goal is to manage the condition conservatively, which involves removing the nail spike and addressing the footwear and biomechanics involved. However if that is unsuccessful, surgical intervention may be needed to provide relief to the patient. The procedure involves removing partial or full nail and using a chemical to prevent the nail from growing back.


If you have concerns about ingrown toenails, book an appointment by clicking here or call 905-723-3668.

Please read our blog post about ingrown toe nails for more details.

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