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Corns & Calluses

Corns and Calluses

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Corns and calluses are thickened skin. They are caused by friction or increased pressure against the skin. This is likely due to ill-fitted footwear or simply the way you walk. As the pressure builds up, the skin starts to thicken as a means of protecting itself. If callus or corns are left untreated they can become inflamed and painful. It is important to see a Foot Specialist/ Chiropodist for an assessment early on.


What is the difference between a Corn and Callus?

Calluses cover a diffuse area and usually have a relatively equal thickness. A corn is formed when pressure builds up in a concentrated part. Corns press on the underlying dermis causing pain. Soft corns can develop in between toes because of increased moisture retention and/or inadequate drying.



Please do not cut corns and calluses yourself as it can do more damage than good. Over-the-counter corn pads and acid treatments are not recommended either as they can damage the surrounding healthy skin.


Your Chiropodist can reduce the thick skin and remove the corn to relieve your pain. Talk to your Chiropodist about proper footwear, toe props or custom-made foot orthotics to help prevent corn and callus formation.

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