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Corns & Calluses

What Are Foot Corns and Calluses?

Foot corns and calluses are both areas of thickened skin that develop on the feet as a result of friction, pressure, or other types of irritation. Both can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, certain activities, or the way you walk. However, there are some differences. 


Corns are typically small and round, with a hard center and a surrounding area of inflamed skin. They often develop on the ball of the foot or on your toes. You can also get a corn on the bottom of your foot. This can result from excess pressure on a specific area of your foot. 


On the other hand, calluses tend to cover a larger area and be equally thick across the entire callus. While corns tend to be more painful, both can cause discomfort, making it difficult to walk comfortably. 


How Are They Treated?


Sometimes, you may not need to treat calluses. However, if your corns and calluses are causing discomfort, it's essential to reach out to a qualified Chiropodist like the ones at Qureshy Foot & Orthotic Clinic. Depending on your symptoms, we may debride or trim the affected skin, use padding to redistribute pressure and apply medicated topicals or creams. 

We may also recommend custom-made orthotics or shoe inserts or changes to footwear or daily habits. Our treatments are generally minimally invasive, and most patients have excellent outcomes.

How Our Treatment Process Works

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We'll start by examining your feet. Then we will recommend a treatment plan that targets your corns and the underlying causes of your condition. Your first treatment will be covered in this appointment.

Step 2: Treating Your Corns

Once we've developed a treatment plan, we'll treat your corns and calluses. Depending on the severity of your corns, this may involve more than one treatments.

Step 3: Enjoy Smoother Feet

After your treatment, you'll be able to enjoy all your daily activities with less discomfort. We'll also provide you with tips on how to prevent corns and calluses from returning. Contact us today to begin.

How Much Does Corn and Callus Treatment Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on our treatment plan. However, it may be covered fully or partially by your extended health care insurance. 

Restore Smooth Skin on Your Feet Today

Don't let corns and calluses keep you from enjoying your daily activities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for quality corn care in Oshawa.

Treat Foot Corns and Calluses in Oshawa

We offer fast, gentle treatment for foot corns and calluses in Oshawa. Request an appointment today. 


Eliminate Painful Corns and Calluses


Are you experiencing pain due to foot corns or calluses? We are here to help. At Qureshy Foot & Orthotic Clinic, our Chiropodists, foot specialists can provide the corn care and treatment you need to eliminate painful corns and calluses on your feet.


We understand the impact that foot corns and calluses can have on your daily activities and are committed to providing effective treatment options to help you get back on your feet. If you are ready to remove your corns and calluses, contact our Oshawa foot clinic today to schedule an appointment. 

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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