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A Trusted Diabetic Foot Clinic in Oshawa

Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetic Foot Care

Get the care you need to keep your feet healthy when you choose our diabetic foot clinic in Oshawa. 

Protect Your Feet With Quality Diabetic Footcare

Diabetes can affect all areas of your body, including your feet. If you are living with diabetes, it is essential to get regular foot exams to ensure that you remain healthy. At Qureshy Foot & Orthotic Clinic, our Chiropodists can help you manage and prevent foot problems associated with this condition and can help create a custom treatment plan for your needs. If you need a diabetic foot exam, contact our diabetic foot clinic today to request a consultation. 

How Diabetes Impacts Your Feet

Diabetes can cause poor circulation and nerve damage, especially in your extremities. This can lead to foot problems such as fungal infections and ulcers. Poor circulation can also cause these issues to heal slowly and may lead to amputation. It's crucial to take preventative measures to avoid these complications. With our diabetic foot care services, you can rest assured that your feet are in good hands.

When to See a Chiropodist

If you have diabetes, it is essential to visit a Chiropodist several times a year. This can be twice a year or every few weeks, depending on the severity of your condition. However, you should always schedule an appointment sooner if you notice pain or numbness in your feet, changes in colour, temperature, or appearance, differences in the shape of your feet or any other concerning symptoms. 

You should also contact our diabetic foot clinic if you develop foot ulcers, corns, calluses, or fungal infections, as these can all be more serious in patients with diabetes. 

Treatment Options for People With Diabetes

There are many treatment options to help keep your feet healthy. Some treatment options may include nail and callus care, fungal infection treatmentcustom orthotics and more. With proper care, we can help keep your feet healthy for longer.

How Diabetic Foot Care Works

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

To get started, schedule an appointment with one of our Chiropodists. During your first visit, we'll conduct a comprehensive diabetic foot exam to determine the state of your foot health. Your first treatment will be covered in these fees and appointment.

Step 2: Your Treatment Plan

Based on your assessment results, we'll create a customized treatment plan to address foot problems and prevent future complications. 

Step 3: Follow-Up Care

To ensure the success of your treatment plan, we'll schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your foot health and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. Contact our diabetic foot clinic today.

How Much Does Diabetic Foot Care Cost?

We believe diabetic foot care should be accessible to all patients. That is why we accept most insurance plans and offer affordable pricing. Contact our foot care clinic today for exact pricing information. 

Visit Our Diabetic Foot Clinic Today

Don't let foot problems associated with diabetes take control of your life. Schedule an appointment with our trusted diabetic foot clinic today to get the care you need. 

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