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How to Find the Perfect Running Shoe

Many of us go into a shoe store and buy a shoe based on its colour, price and looks. However, this may not be the best approach. You want to find a proper fitting shoe that will provide the right support and keep you active and injury free.

Okay, so you may ask, what is the perfect shoe for my foot type?

The first step is to determine what your foot type is. Do you have a high arch, low arch, or are you somewhere in between?

Have you noticed your ankles roll out during activity or balance? Are your old shoes worn on the outside? You most likely have a high arched foot (Pes Cavus/ Supinator). This foot type tends to lack shock absorption. You want to look for a running shoe with a “Neutral-Cushioned” midsole that absorbs shock and prevents pain. Look for a curved last (base that turns inward from heel to toe) and adjustable closure to prevent irritation and pressure on the top of your foot.

Do you have a flat arch? Do your ankles roll in during balance or dynamic activity? Are your old shoes worn-out on the inside? You probably have a low arched foot (Pes Planus/over-pronator). This foot type requires more control and stability. You should look for a “stability” running shoe. These types of running shoes have features that prevent your foot and ankle from rolling in. There are different levels of support available. For running, it may be better to go with a “moderate support” stability shoe as it is less bulky compared to a “motion control” shoe. However, if you are severely overpronated, you will have to use a motion control shoe.

If your foot arch is medium, you can search for a “neutral-cushioned” running shoe with a semi-curved last. Such a shoe has the same firmness on both sides. It will have a structured heel-cup and increased torsional rigidity while also offering durability.

At Qureshy Footcare Clinic, we are partnered with Apex and Drew Shoes - two shoe vendors that have quality orthopaedic running shoes. If you are interested in checking out their catalogues, please let us know during your next visit. We will measure your foot with a Brannock Device and order the right shoes for your foot type and size.


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