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What is Achilles Tendonitis

What is Achilles tendonitis? If you are an athlete, you already know Achilles tendonitis strikes at the back of the calf right above the heel and can cause immense aches and pain with every step.

For those who aren't athletes, you likely still have questions regarding Achilles tendonitis. In short, it is a highly debilitating condition that can hamstring an athlete for extended periods.

The Runner's Weakness

According to legend, Achilles was a great warrior, with a single weakness being his Achilles tendon, which ultimately is cut and leads to his defeat. In reality, Achilles tendonitis is caused by overusing the Achilles tendon, a band of tissue connecting the calf muscle at the back of your leg to the heel bone.

Achilles tendonitis usually occurs among runners or older individuals who infrequently play sports, such as tennis or basketball, once a week or once a month. The excessive and sudden overuse of the Achilles tendon during these activities can cause the debilitating condition known as Achilles tendonitis.


The most common symptom of Achilles tendonitis is pain and mild ache in the back of the leg. More severe symptoms are intense pain and trouble walking. If the pain is too severe to function, you may have torn the Achilles tendon and should seek out a medical professional immediately.

Most at Risk

Despite being most common in athletes, Achilles tendonitis can afflict anyone who overuses their Achilles tendon, and the risk can vary from person to person. You can develop Achilles tendonitis if you work in a field with sporadic running or sprinting periods.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatments

If you ask what Achilles tendonitis is treated by, the answer is simple. You can solve most mild forms of Achilles tendonitis by resting the Achilles tendon and getting check-ups with a Chiropodist. More severe Achilles tendon damage, such as a rupture, requires immediate medical attention and could need surgery.

Mending a Rupture

Sadly, there is no easy way to handle an Achilles rupture, and most will require surgery. But what is Achilles tendonitis surgery like when the tendon has ruptured?

Patients can do most tendon surgery in several methods, but each process differs from person to person. If you are concerned about potentially harming your Achilles tendon, you should reach out to a qualified Chiropodist such as those at Qureshy Foot and Orthotic Clinic.

The Chiropodists at QFC are experts at diagnosing and treating heel-related pain, including Achilles tendonitis. Treatment for Achilles tendonitis is serious, and you should always trust a Chiropodist group who has your interests at heart.

Your first visit will consist of assessing your foot and general health to find the underlying cause of your heel pain. Next, the Chiropodist will walk you through the necessary steps of recovery.

Don't think we've quite answered the question of "What is Achilles tendonitis?" Contact the experts at QFC, who are more than happy to answer any questions.

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